About Us
A Message From Our Founder
A Message From Our Founder
Poliya's constant attention to and investment in R&D, skilled human resources, the highest caliber of technology and fully automated production sites insures its position as the market leader. Poliya gets its power from its business ideology, which is to be the best corporate solution provider.
"We must invent new products.
  We must strive for the highest quality production.
  We must give superior technical support."
We had to have the most modern Research and Development department in order to accomplish our goals.
We spent extensive time and money on R&D as we still do today. We are confident that we now have one of the best polyester and polymer R&D centers in Europe.
We support the demands of many elite companies in the region as a corporate supplier, and we know that we can supply demands of many more companies around the world. We strongly believe, ...the product acts the epilogue.
We now manufacture a wide range of products in our Poliya Cerkezkoy plants. Our product range is expanding everyday and improvements on existing materials are carried out with the same enthusiasm as our first day.