Building and Construction
Composite Applications
List of applications where our products meet your imagination.
Product Technical Information
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Poliya provides from gelcoats to accelerators all the required products and equipment for composites industry.
In this section we like to introduce and inspire what you really can do with your imagination.
Building and Construction
Acrylic ABS Bath Tubs
Thermoformed acrylic sheet reinforced | backed-up with polyester resin and fiberglass.
Open mold - Spray up application for large surface areas.
Artificial Marble
Cultured marble, also referred to as cast polymer, is a non-porous gelcoat coated, composite blend of polyester resin and mineral fillers.
High performance - GRP parts to reinforce and support construction system.
Modular Fiberglass Buildings Cabins&Structures
Pre-engineered Modular GRP building systems. Light weight construction.
Natural Composite Stone
Breton tech.
Quartz surface products or Natural composite stones are made up of 93% quartz and NCS type polyester resin which are compacted under vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs.
Playground Equipment
Large scale modular GRP parts.
Aqua Park Equipment
Water slides
High performance gelcoat coated. Large scale modular GRP parts.
Anti Corrosive Coating
Chemical resistant polyester resin or vinyl ester resin coating for steel and concrete constructions protection against the influence of atmospheric corrosion, corrosion in water, water solutions, ground, and chemicals.
Sewer Manholes
Hot press process of light weight high mechanical resistant sewer manholes.
Naturalgas, Cable TV, Electric
Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) hot press applications.
FRP Wall Tiles
Fiberglass Doors
LED Ground Lighting
Light Pavement Stone
Anti-slip Coating
Polymer Concrete Flooring
FRP Garage Doors
Laboratory Surfaces
Polyester Concrete
Shower Base
Pultruded and Molded
FRP (GRP) Grating
Greenhouse Roofing
Shower Wall Kits
Kitchen Countertop
Corrugated Sheets and
Composite Sandwich Panels
Sandwich Foam Panel
Bonding Paste - Adhesive
FRP Ducting
FRP (GRP) Grating