Marine Sports | Sea Vehicles
Composite Applications
List of applications where our products meet your imagination.
Product Technical Information
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Inspiration corner.
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Poliya provides from gelcoats to accelerators all the required products and equipment for composites industry.
In this section we like to introduce and inspire what you really can do with your imagination.
Marine Sports | Sea Vehicles
Yachts made with vinly ester or polyester resin infusion delivering higher quality, better consistency, higher glass content, higher specific strength and higher specific stiffness.
Boats | Speed Crafts
Polijel high performance marine gelcoats deliver maximum protection against environmental attack and flawless cosmetic appearance.
Sail Boats
Lloyds Register of Shipping certified Polijel gelcoats delivers weathering resistance to surface yellowing and chalking, combined with excellent long term resistance to water immersion and osmotic blistering.
Jet Ski
Acrylic modified ISO-NPG gelcoats with optimal flexibility for high performance marine applications.