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Composite Applications
List of applications where our products meet your imagination.
Product Technical Information
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Inspiration corner.
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Poliya provides from gelcoats to accelerators all the required products and equipment for composites industry.
In this section we like to introduce and inspire what you really can do with your imagination.
Transport | Vehicles
Bus Parts
Large parts for coaches and buses, smooth, non wavy, high gloss surfaced SMC/BMC parts.
Light weight, corrosion resistant, reduced density panels a succesful alternative to metal with excellent weight-to-performance ratio.
Train | Subway Parts
Flame retardant and low smoke composite parts. Complying the single burning item (SBI) EN 13823:2002 norms.
Container Parts
High performance corrosion resistant GRP parts for container parts.
Coach Boards
Weight reducing, and high load capacity board systems for buses and coaches.
Lorry | Truck Panels
Large smooth, non wavy and corrosion resistant GRP panels for trucks and lorries.
Refrigerated Vehicles
High rigidity sandwich structures. With foam core inbetween two fiberglass reinforced skins for isothermal or refrigerated vehicles.
Repair Putty
Car Body Filler
DCPD and hybrid resin systems for automotive body repair, body filler putties. Lightweight body filler, for use over properly prepared metal surfaces, with creme hardener.
Pickup Truck Toppers
Roof Mounted AC Units
Cable Car Bodies
Tractor Hood, Body and Roof
Fiberglass Trailers
Roof Cargo Box