HSE&Q | Quality
Poliya is fully committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality matters.
The HSE&Q standards are the basis for our policies and the key for how we build trust between Poliya and our stakeholders.
Our Promises
Ensure that health and safety are our first priority;
Minimize harmful environmental impacts;
Base our work on openness and continuous improvement;
Develop products, services and operations with environmental safety as the forethought.
Implement this policy according to the agreed health, safety, environment and quality management system which are based on ISO or equivalent standards.
Poliya Cares for
Poliya conducts its operations according to the core values and concepts of our corporate management with constant commitment to improving quality.
Poliya integrates Production Safety and Environmental Protection into the design of its new products, its new plants and equipment, and all operating procedures.
Our quality is dictated by qualified professionals and high-tech hardware equipment. Poliya's quality assurance is delivering advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC), Acceptance Sampling (AS), ANOVA and FMEA methods under quality management system discipline and monitoring Poliya's production with dynamic AQL's for consistent and reliable Poliya products.
Poliya gained accreditation of ISO 9001 in 1999 by DNV, then proceeded to gain ISO 9001:2000 version by Det Norske Veritas in 2003. Relevant product ranges and qualities were verified by Lloyd's Register in 2005.
Our Quality Control and Assurance Department was founded in 2004.
All employees are involved in achieving our Quality Assurance program which meet all aspects of the HSE&Q.
How we do it?
ISO 9001/2000 QMS
Poliya’s operation is ISO 9001:2000 standards which is accredited by Llyod's.
Lloyd’s Register
Poliya’s relevant product ranges specially marine products are verified by LR since 2006
Poliya is a member of Kalder- Turkish National Quality Organization.
Poliya is a member of Pagev, Plastics manufacturers association.