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Fillers are particles added to resin (composite material, casting, concrete, etc.) Either to lower the consumption of more expensive binder material and cheapen the end product or used to enhance technical properties of the end products.
As a result, you can finder various types of fillers to fit your product requirements.
Thixotropic Fillers
Fumed Silica
Wacker™ HDK N20
  10 kg/Bag
160 kg/Pallet
This fine grade fumed silica used as a thickening agent. When added to resin systems it prevents run-off and sags on vertical surfaces. Mix in the ratio of 1 part by volume to 2 parts resin for general use.
Light Fillers
Glass and Plastic Spherical
Microsphere™ Glass
Expancel™ Plastic
Microsphere 13.60 kg/Barrel
Expancel 5 kg/Bag
These hollow spheres make a lightweight sandable filler when blended with resin.
Use to fill fabric weave, shallow blisters, and surfaces of core materials. The average glass bubble is less than 70 microns, this small particle size which makes the paste so easy to spread evenly.
Anti-Abrasion Fillers
50 kg/Bag
Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and is one of the hardest minerals (9.0 Mohs hardness). When mixed with resin, or sprinkled on top of wet areas, it is used as an abrasion resistant and anti-slip surface. The laminates can not be cut or drilled.
Heat and Electrical Conductor Fillers
Aluminum Powder
25 kg/Bucket
Aluminum powder when mixed with resin is used as a heat and electrical conductor media. It is widely used in mold production, solar applications and satellite dishes. Also aluminum powders are added to resin to produce realistic metallic finishes in casting.
Flame Retardant Fillers
ATH Aluminum trihydrate
ATH 8-10µ 25 kg/Bag
ATH 10-12µ 25 kg/Bag
ATH is the most common used and accepted flame retardant filler in the composites industry, other flame retardant fillers are: Antimony trioxide ,etc.
Economical Fillers
Calcite 5µ
Talc AT-200
Calcite 30 kg/Bag
Dolomite 25 kg/Bag
Talc AT-200 25 kg/Bag
Economical fillers are used lower the consumption of more expensive binder (polyester resin) material and cheapen the end product.
Talc is an all-purpose inexpensive filler powder which is used in most of the body fillers and the end products are sandable.
Low Shrinkage Fillers
Co-athylene HA 1682
20 kg/Bag
Co-athylene is used in SMC and BMC applications, to control shrinkage, improve dimensional stability, mechanical properties, surface finish and appearance. Reduce formation of micro cracks, stress cracking and water absorption.
Poliya Additives
1 kg/Pack
From paraffin solutions for surface treatment, to pigment paste additive T-90-50 Poliya solves every context in composite polyester application.
Ground Fiberglass
Milled powder
20 kg/Bag
Fiberglass grinds when mixed with resin or any body filler will improve the strength, heat resistance and reduce shrinkage. It's silane coated for good compatibility with polyesters, vinylester and epoxy. It can be mixed with vinyl ester resin to create chemical and corrosion resistant repair putty.