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Product Technical Information
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Pigment Powders
Fine pigments powders in various colors suitable for paint, ink, cellulose, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy industries.
White Pigment
Titanium dioxide
30 kg/Bag
Ti-Pure R-902 is a multi-purpose grade pigment recommended for use when a single pigment is required to perform well in interior and exterior gloss and semi-gloss systems. R-902 provides an excellent balance of performance properties It is specifically formulated to perform well in a wide range of solvent-based and aqueous systems and provides:High chalk resistance, High gloss retention, High tint retention Excellent resistance to overbake yellowing during cure.
Black Pigment
Carbon Black
30 kg/Bag
Carbon black (Colour Index International, PBL-7) is the common black pigment. It consists of pure elemental carbon, and it appears black because it reflects almost no light in the visible part of the spectrum.
Other Pigment Powders
Organic and inorganic based, etc.