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Thinners - Monomers
Recommended and accepted thinners for polyester resins and gelcoats.
Acetone and cleaning solvents are not recommended for thinning resins or gelcoats as this can lead to added pinholes, surface problems and premature yellowing.
Gelcoat Thinner Mix
15 kg/Pail
GTM is specially designed to work with Polijel gelcoat series. Most gelcoats allow to be thinned 2-5% (depending on the gelcoat) to make them suitable for spray equipment or other purposes.
If your application requires very different viscosity and/or thixotropy which you cant reach with GTM, you can contact sales dept. for customized gel coat options.
Vinyl benzene
15 kg/Pail
190 kg/Barrel
900 kg/IBC
The styrene monomer is used to thin resin by reducing the viscosity, which makes it flow better. Most of the resins already contain about 30% styrene. For thinning purpose do not use more than 10% addition as this will degrade the resin .The styrene also takes part in the curing reaction. To thin gelcoat you can use Poliya GTM.
Methyl methacrylate
14 kg/Pail
170 kg/Barrel
The MMA monomer is used to work with gelcoat systems, it has benefits compared to styrene less yellowing and more UV resistance.