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For advanced composite products
Ready to Start Resin Infusion.
Resin Infusion is a specialized advanced composite laminating technique that greatly improves the quality and strength of fiberglass parts versus conventional hand lay-up or spray-up methods.
In the recent years, both polyester and vinyl ester resins, materials, supplies, and processes used for the resin infusion process have improved significantly thus making it commercially feasible for a wide range of products.
Any composite or fiberglass part that is made using the open mold process can be resin infused.
Resin infusion process utilizes vacuum to drive resin into a laminate. Applying laminate engineering and resin infusion technology simultaneously allows for optimization of a part in terms of strength and weight.
The use of resin infusion is becoming a standard for boat hulls, yacht construction, wind turbine blades, bus parts and pre-engineered modular roofing where RTM or hot press methods are not applicable due to size constraints.
Also resin infusion is a cost effective solution for prototyping and small productions by eliminating expensive mold requirements.
For many applications, parts manufactured using the resin vacuum infusion process have higher quality, better consistency, higher glass content, higher specific strength, higher specific stiffness, better interior finish, faster cycle time and lower cost compared to the open mold process.
Higher quality laminates. The process is independent on the skill of the user.
Consistent part quality after a successful process design.
Composite quality and process control will be optimized compared to the open mold process.
There will not be any entrapped air; the laminate will be perfectly consolidated and the wall thickness will be consistent.
Minimal part shrinkage and distortion.
Better fiber-to-resin ratio. Infused laminates will have glass content by weight ranging from 35% to 50% compared with 25% to 35% for chopper gun laminated parts.
Both hand lay-up and spray-up methods usually result in excess of resin which reduces mechanical propetries.
The parts will have higher specific strength and specific stiffness.
Complex parts with ribs, core, and brackets can be made all together in one step eliminating secondary bonding operations.
The part can be made net size thus reducing post-finishing time.
The non-molded side of the part can have a good finish if an inner mold is used.
Faster cycle time. Cycle times of 2-3 hours are typical so a mold can be turned 3-4 times per shift.
Environmentally friendly, no air pollution from volatile organic compounds
Infusion Starter Kit
Airtech Inf. Prod.
59 kg/Box
The resin infusion starter kit is made for beginners in the resin infusion technology. All necessary materials are included, excluding a vacuum pump. The resin infusion starter kit will enable you to make your first composite part using the resin infusion technology in a short period of time. The provided material will allow you to make a part superior to sqm. Furthermore our CD will give you all necessary working instructions and details.
Box Contains
Non Aerospace Catalogue x1
CD Instructional video sheets x1
RB 451 Vacuum reservoir x1
" PE tubing 25mt
" PE spiral tubing 25mt
OF 625VResin infusion line 8
3/8" x 3/8" x 3/8" T fittings x10
3/8" x 3/8" x 3/8" E fittings x10
Greenflow 75 41" x 20
Tac-Strip Fibreglass tape x1 roll
WL 5400film 0,002" x 60" x 20'
Bleeder Lease Peel ply 60" x 15
AT 200YSealant tape x6 rolls
Econobreaker 1" tape x1 roll
Airhold 10 CBS 1" tape x1 roll
Visegrip clamp x3
10 litres pail Resin reservoir x1
Equipment and Tools for
Resin Infusion


75 x 12mt x 50mt (45 kg)
Securlon® L-500 vacuum bag film is a wide multilayer extruded film providing multiple layers of safety. These layers reduce the concerns for "pinholes", weak spots, brittleness and inconsistency in films.
Securlon® L-500 is strong, has a high elongation and is suitable for cure temperatures up to 171 C.


75 x 8mt x 100mt (60 kg)
Securlon® L-500 vacuum bag film is a wide multilayer extruded film providing multiple layers of safety. These layers reduce the concerns for "pinholes", weak spots, brittleness and inconsistency in films.
Securlon® L-500 is strong, has a high elongation and is suitable for cure temperatures up to 171 C.

Big Blue

75 x 12mt x 62mt (50 kg)
Big Blue L-100 vacuum bag film is a multi-layer film for applications where a wide film is required. It is suitable for resin infusion and wet lay-up where the cure temperature does not exceed 121 C.

AT-200Y Sealant Tape
3,2mm x 12,7mm x 7,62mt
AT 200Y is an economical multi-purpose sealant tape with high tack. It removes easily from metal or composite tools. Usable up to 204 C cures.

Econolease Peel Ply
Release fabric
1,52mt x 91,4mt (5,9 kg)
A tight weave nylon peel ply coated with a silicone release agent for easy removal and a "fine" textured surface.
Econolease is a silicone treated nylon peel ply which provides greater release in difficult environments.
Our Econo peel plies are designed to work in resin infusion or hand lay-up processes. All coated peel plies have the potential to transfer.

Econoply E
Non-coated, heavy duty polyester peel ply
1,524mt x 228,6mt
Econoply E is a heavy weight polyester peel ply developed for use in difficult environments and where a more textured surface is required for secondary bonding.
Maximum use temperature 149 C.

Bleeder Lease® B
Coated nylon peel ply
1,524mt x 100mt
Bleeder Lease® B peel ply is a high temperature fabric coated with a silicone release agent.
Bleeder Lease® B provides superior release to plain peel plies because the coating prevents the heated fabric from fusing to the laminate while producing a textured surface.
Bleeder Lease B will provide easy release from most prepregs and resin systems. All coated peel plies have the potential to transfer. Bleeder Lease® B is a tightly woven, coated nylon peel ply that releases well from most resin systems. It is excellent for many resin infusion projects.
Maximum use temperature 232 C.

Greenflow 75
Resin distribution mesh
1,04mt x 26,75mt
Resin infusion flow netting. Greenflow 75 is designed to efficiently distribute resin with little waste due to the low profile, tight construction. Greenflow 75 can be used with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins.

Greenflow 185
High drapable knitted resin distribution medium
3,6mt x 100mt
Greenflow 185 is designed to assist resin flow through the part during the vacuum assisted resin infusion process.
Our resin flow medium works well with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. This product is a knitted flow medium and is highly drapable.

Polyethylene Tube ½"
½" x 30,5mt
Polyethlene tube used in vacuum and infusion applications to extend vacuum line or resin feeder line in the vacuum bag.

Airhold 10 CBS Tape
Double-sided fabric reinforced tape
2,54cm x 33mt
Airhold 10 CBS is a double-sided fabric reinforced tape with a rubber based adhesive on both sides. It is used to hold down plastic spiral wrap used as a vacuum manifold in the resin infusion process. Also it is used for holding honeycomb cores, during machining while allowing the core to be removed without residue. The thick adhesive coating ensures that the core (metallic and non metallic core) is held firmly in position.

Resin infusion connector
The Airtech Resin infusion connector (RIC) provides inexpensive and efficient through bag connection for vacuum manifold and resin feed lines for low temperature resin infusion application. Maximum use temperature 80 C
RIC 12 Tube, Sprial tube connection 1/2 inch
RIC 58 Tube, Sprial tube connection 5/8 inch
RIC 34 Tube, Sprial tube connection 3/4 inch

Of313 Omega Resin Line
Resin flow line
Airtech's Omega Flow Lines are for use under the bag in single or double bag resin infusion applications, replacing spiral wrap polyethylene feeder lines. Omega Flow Lines incorporate an ''Omega section'' internally to transport resin a long the surface and into the part. Omega Flow Lines are made from translucent silicone rubber and are reusable.

Polyethylene T-Fittings 3/8"
Nylon T 3/8
Used to "T" connect Polyethylene Spiral warp to Polyethylene tubing.

Polyethylene L-Fittings 3/8"
Nylon L 3/8
Used for elbow "L" connections for vacuum and resin feeder lines.

Airweave ® N10
Heavy weight non-woven polyester breather/bleeder
1,52mt x 50mt
Airweave ® N10 is used for higher pressure cures. This breather still offers good elongation and cushions any sharp radius for vacuum bag protection.

Airseal 1
Vacuum bag sealent tape for economical applications
Airseal 1 is designed for commercial applications where cost is the primary consideration. Airseal 1 provides vacuum integrity for vacuum bag applications up to 150 C.

Resin line clamp
Flanged locking pliers
Resin line clamps are professional quality locking pliers for use in resin infusion applications. Hoses can be clamped separate from vacuum to prevent the flow of resin. These fully adjustable pliers have a nickel plated finish and a non-slip grip, making for an ergonomic design.

Vacuum manifold
43mm x 25mt
The Vactrak is a knitted technical tape designed to be used during the resin infusion process as vacuum manifold.
The Vactrak is composed of a very specific 100% polyester knitting which offers a very high vacuum permeability. As this knitting is already mounted on our double sided pressure sensitive tape Airhold 10 CBS, an advantage for the user is to save labour in the construction of the vacuum manifold.

Resin flow line
2,54cm x 25mt
The Resintrak is a knitted technical tape designed to be used during the resin infusion process as resin flow line. This product is composed of a very specific 100% polyester knitting which offers a very high resin permeability and will transport resin along the surface and into the part.
The Resintrak leaves no mark off on the part when used in conjunction with Airtech's flow media and release ply.

Dry fabric placement tape
2,54cm x 90mt
Tac-Strip is a fibreglass fabric mesh tape coated on both sides with a ''high-tack'' pressure sensitive adhesive. Tac-Strip is designed to hold dry fabrics in place as required when using resin infusion, resin transfer molding, and other processes requiring dry fabric lay-up. Tac-Strip has the added advantage of being very clean when compared to spray adhesives commonly used for ply placement.

High performance cutting shears
Techshears are the most advanced manual cutting shears available. The cantilever action reduces cutting effort to 50-70% over conventional shears. Blades are replaceable and titanium nitride coated for a super sharp, long lasting edge. The side adjustment screw allows cutting force to be adapted to the thickness of the material. Serrated blades are also available for cutting aramid fabric and are sold separately.

Reinforcement and Core Materials
You can find Stitchbonded fabrics, sandwich complexes, multiaxial NCFs, Nonwoven Core-Liner and honeycomb cores at the reinforcements section.
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Resins for Infusion
You can find Infusion type polyester resins Polipol 337 and DCPD modified Hybrid polyester resin Polipol 3567/3567-H and Polipol 3860/3860-H.
Or you can choose Polives 702 infusion type vinyl ester resin