Polijel Gelcoats
High Performance
Polijel Gelcoat Series
Industrial, high advance Gelcoats for composites.
Product Technical Information
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High Performance Gelcoats
The Gelcoats in this group have the maximum performance for chemical, mechanical and atmospheric resistance.
These ISO, NPG, Acrylic based Gelcoats are ideal for where bright color, chemical, mechanical and weathering resistance properties are required.
High advance Gelcoats are resistant to many chemicals including, acids, alkalies (bases), bleaching agents. Thermal shock, UV, scratch/mar, yellowing and fading resistance is at the top level.
Polijel 213
High performance gelcoat
Please Visit Online Document for Polijel 213 Technical Data Sheet
Asinma Dayanimi Sešenegi
Asinma Dayanimi Sešenegi
Clear White Black Color
Llyod's Registered
Custom Colored Gelcoats and Pastes
Polijel Package Types
You can choose any package type suitable for your production system or you can get further information from our sales department regarding container options.

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Barrel 220 kg
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