Polipigment Color Pastes
Polipigment Color Paste Series
Color pastes and pigments for composites and other resin systems.
How to mix
color pastes?
Information about
mixing Polipigment color pastes.
Technical information about CIE
Lab color space. Learn more
The color paste and gelcoat color matching is done upon request. A color sample, RAL, Pantone, NCS or international standard color code is required.
The colors are specially formulated for each user and custom made according the usage field and gel coat type in order to achieve the most suitable color for the usage purpose Learn more
Product Technical Information
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Storage and
Information about
storing and handling Polipigment color pastes. Learn more
Unlimited color option
for composites.
Poliya manufactures more than 1500 different
colors in 7 groups for different requirements
and applications.
Polipigment color pastes contain colorant pigments dispersed in
polyester resin. Polipigment contains no monomer or
solvent,therefore its shelf life is more than 10 years.
Polipigment is made for coloring polyester
and gelcoats and are therefore totally

They can be used to color resins such as

Polyester      Gelcoat      Cellulose      Acrylic      Polyurethane      Epoxy
Primary Colors
High Performance
H.T. Colors
Clear Button Colors
Metallic and
Pearlescent Colors
Custom Colored Pastes
RAL & Pantone
Polipigment Package Types
You can choose any package type suitable for your production system or you can get further information from our sales department regarding container options.

Can 1 kg
x6 in shrink box

Pail 5 kg
x4 in shrink box

Bucket 20 kg
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Before choosing the color, please refer to the sales department or Poliya resellers and distributors for original color samples. Poliya is not responsible for any damage which may occur by using this site and colors as a guide.
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The colors displayed above are only for preview purpose and should not be used as a guide.Even if the monitors are calibrated there can be color changes in the computer display.