Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Value-driven and transparent management is the foundation for a successful business. At Poliya, this is reflected in a responsible and efficiently structured organization, in its management and in control processes.
added value.
Poliya's business policy is aimed at ongoing value enhancement. The focus is on the company’s long-term success and not on short-term opportunities.
Priority is given to trust-based relationships with shareholders, customers and suppliers, to employee satisfaction and to a sound reputation with public and private institutions and among the general public.
As a proof of its commitment, fairness and responsibility as a business partner, the company has established an efficient and transparent division of tasks and responsibilities, effective control instruments and an open information policy.
Full Responsibility at Market Level.
Poliya has created a decentralized and lean management structure in order to streamline operational decisions, bringing them close to the market. The three director levels operating divisions bear full responsibility as profit centers, within the budget framework set by the Management and in line with the targets of the corporate strategy. Individuals with managerial responsibility are supported by specific guidelines and an array of corporate analysis and control instruments.
Decentralized responsibility also plays a role in Poliya’s success-related remuneration program. All of the managers participate in the process of the value creation and benefit from the company's added value through a share program based on the achievement of specific financial targets.
Professional Management and Control.
The director level has been kept at three, reflects Poliya’s efficient structures at the highest management level.
All directors have a proven track record in terms of their professional and strategic competencies. To help them assess the company’s potential realistically, most of them also have many years of executive experience gained with other companies. Through its committees, the management analyzes current and future market opportunities and risks in order to define Poliya's corporate vision as well as its business, organizational and financial strategies. As the supreme control body, it monitors the management’s implementation of its targets.