Research and Development
Research and Development
To be a customer focused, leading supplier of specialty polyester, vinyl ester resins, color pastes, mold release agents and gel coats we developed a sophisticated research and development division.
Innovations today
for new products tomorrow.
To be a customer focused, leading supplier of specialty polyester, vinyl ester resins and gelcoats we developed a sophisticated research and development division.
The twentieth century was an era of technological advancement and led to the development of new materials such as unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins.
Because composites and polymers are always improving, they have the potential to be most important materials in the new millennium.
Poliya began production in this field 30 years ago and has acquired many international successes throughout its business life.
Research and
Development Process
Customer demands and needs are the catalyst for our R&D
The process from design to final product begins with market research and customer requests that are given to the marketing department. Then the concepts go to industrial design, product development, applied R&D and finally production system units.
This fully synchronized engineering process continues until the final product is launched. In necessary cases,we often co-operate with leading universities and research institutions.
Our Laboratories
As part of the Poliya innovation engine, Poliya Labs is poised to help define the next generation of composite resins technology.
Central Laboratory
Poliya CL is continually innovating for gelcoats, polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, DCPD systems. CL also solves customer technical difficulties.
Poliya CL continually reassessing and improving how it contributes to Poliya and ensures that it not only remains merely ahead of the competition, but also leads the composites industry.
Color and Pigment Paste Laboratory
Poliya CPPL is developing and manufacturing innovative pigment and color technologies for Poliya's color pastes and colored gelcoats. Also serving color pastes to similar resin industries such as Cellulose, Acrylic, Polyurethane and Epoxy.
Polymer Research Laboratory
Poliya PRL is performing world-class research for next-generation composite polymer systems, focusing in areas such as two component resin systems (including UPE polyester, vinyl ester resins), gelcoats, adhesive systems and accelerator systems.
Quality Control Laboratory
Poliya QCL is delivering advanced Statistical Process Control, AS, ANOVA and FMEA methods under quality management system discipline and monitoring Poliya's production with dynamic AQL's for consistent and reliable Poliya products.
Process Control Laboratory
As an internal part of Operations/Production division Poliya PCL is engineering, deploying, monitoring and maintaining Poliya’s complex production network.
Composite Technologies Application Center
Poliya CTAC is delivering advanced methods and tools for composites manufacturing and design, as well as optimization of customers' product and production systems.
From Wind turbine blades to Infusion applications for Marine industry, Poliya CTAC is both a training and a development center for Poliya's customers.
Looking for the Future
Poliya proudly shared its knowledge with the National Scientific Research Organization (TUBITAK) and other Universities by participating in the EOP Industrial partnership program.
We contributed scientific studies in co-operation with IIT (Izmir Institute of Technology) and Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg on nano composites and nano carbon tubes in polyester and vinyl ester resins.