Accelerators are chemical substances which activate peroxides. Some of Poliya's resins and almost all gelcoats are preaccelerated and already include accelerators. Depending on the processing conditions, users must add accelerator into the gelcoat or resin and then, only after carefully mixing, should add peroxides. Most cobalt or amine based accelerators activate the peroxide at or below room temperature. 

Döküm Tipi Accelerators are chemical substances which activate peroxides.

Cobalt Based Accelerators

Cobalt based accelerators activate peroxides at or above room temperature. Metal content of cobalt based accelerators are generally 1%, 6%, 8% or 10%. Cobalt metal concentrations are also available. Accelerator amounts depend on resin type, temperature and production method. It is recommended to use ratios stated on TDS in applications. 

Chemical Structure:
Cobalt octoate / Cobalt 2-ethylhexanoate 
Color: Violet 
Packaging: 4 kg Mini Canister, 24 kg Canister 

Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Amine Accelerator (Dimethylaniline)

DMA (Dimethylaniline) is the recommended accelerator in benzoyl peroxide (BPO) curing systems. BPO-DMA system offers fast gel and cure times at room temperature. It is not recommended to use DMA in UV resistant applications because of deteriorating yellowing resistance. DMA also offers fast cure especially at lower temperatures in Co-Mek-P systems. It is strongly recommended to test the additive in the laboratory before production. 

Chemical Structure: Amine accelerator 
Color: Brownish - Yellow 
CAS No: 121-69-7 
Density: 0,96 gr/cm³ 
Recommeded ratio: 0,05-0,5% 
Packaging: 25 kg Canister 

Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Accelerator 101 eleminates the violet color from standard cobalt accelerators in clear casting applications. It help to obtain clear glass like castings. 

Chemical Structure: Special
Color: Blue
Concentration: 1%
Packaging: 1.000 ml bottle


Weight of objects Accelerator 101 MEK-P
Up to 50gr 1,00% 1,20%
50gr-100gr 0,80% 1,00%
100gr-250gr 0,40% 0,80%
250gr-1000gr 0,20% 0,30%
Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Modification Description

  • FR   Filled flame retardant
  • D*   Filled (*with filler content)
  • T Thixotropic (no sagging)
  • A Cobalt preaccelerated
  • ABP Amine preaccelerated
  • UV UV Curing
  • L   UV light stabilized
  •   I Lower viscosity
  •   V Higher viscosity
  •   LSE   LSE (low styrene emission)
  •   H* Gel time customized (at room temperature) * minutes
  • H40 Optimized for summer season. Gel time (at room temperature) 40 minutes.
  • H20 Optimized for winter season. Gel time (at room temperature) 20 minutes.
  •   COLOR   White or custom color options

Gelcoat Customizations
Polijel gelcoat table descriptions and modifications.

  • Spray Application (airless preferred)
  • Brush or Roller Application
  • Color Option: White colored
  • Color Option: Light colored (pastel)
  • Color Option: PRO colored

Production Quantity Depending on Process (parts/year)
Regardless of product dimension and complexity..

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