Building and Construction

Acrylic and Acrylic ABS Bath Tubs

Thermoformed acrylic sheet reinforced | backed-up with polyester resin and fiberglass.

Recycle Containers

Open mold - Spray up application for large surface areas.

Artificial Marble

Cultured marble, also referred to as cast polymer, is a non-porous gelcoat coated, composite blend of polyester resin and mineral fillers.

Reinforcement Equipment

High performance - GRP parts to reinforce and support construction system.

Modular Fiberglass Buildings Cabins&Structures

Pre-engineered Modular GRP building systems. Light weight construction.

Playground Equipment

Large scale modular GRP parts.

Aqua Park Equipment Water Slides

High performance gelcoat coated. Large scale modular GRP parts.

Anti Corrosive Coating

Chemical resistant polyester resin or vinyl ester resin coating for steel and concrete constructions protection against the influence of atmospheric corrosion, corrosion in water, water solutions, ground, and chemicals.

Sewer Manholes

Hot press process of light weight high mechanical resistant sewer manholes.

Naturalgas, Cable TV, Electric Boxes

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) hot press applications.

Prefabricated FRP Wall Tiles

Fiberglass Doors

LED Ground Lighting Light Pavement Stone

Shower Base

Pultruded and Molded FRP (GRP) Grating

Kitchen Countertop

FRP Ducting and FRP (GRP) Grating

Polyester Concrete

Energy and Electronic

Wind Turbine Blades

Extremely strong and durable. Made with polyester, vinyl ester and DCPD hybrid resins. Using Hand lay-up, spray-up and/or infusion methods.

Solar Panels Hot Water Units

Excellent weathering, high temperature and water resistance. Made with chemical resistant polyester resin.

Motor Winding Insulation

High mechanical strength and high temperature resistant insulation polyester resin binded rotor armature windings.

ATM Machine Enclosures

Kiosk Bodies

Radar and Antenna Enclosures

Radar and Antenna Enclosures

Medical Imaging Equipment Bodies

Electrical Distribution Boards and Boxes

Leisure and Sports Equipment

Equipment Bodies

Open or closed mold method, large scale GRP parts.

Aerodynamic And Racing Parts

Open or closed mold method GRP parts.


Lightweight, strong and durable. Multiple layer fiberglass sandwich with honeycomb core structure.


Lightweight, strong and durable. Multiple layer fiberglass sandwich with honeycomb core structure.


Hand lay up GRP shells.

Carbon Fiber Hoods

Very strong, light parts with unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio. Made with resin infusion method.

Protection Equipment

Hand lay up fiberglass reinforced parts.

Amusement Parks

Open or closed mold method GRP parts.

Ready to Install Pools

Open mold method large scale GRP parts

Pole Vaulting Poles

Climbing Walls

Bowling Balls and Pins

Infra Structure

Sewer Rehabilitation Renewal

CIPP - Cured in place pipe.

Filament Winding Pipe And Pipelines

Pipes made with filament winding method.

GRP Fitting

Chemical resistant fittings made with filament winding method.

Chemical Resistant Lines

Chemical resistant pipes made with filament winding method.


Spoolings madewith filament winding method.

Composite Profiles

Strong, light weight and corrosion resistant profiles made with pultrusion method.

Pre-fabricated Fiberglass Buildings Cabins, Structures and Enclosures

Pre-engineered Modular GRP building systems. Light weight construction.

Super Structure


Modular chemical resistant tanks made with filament winding method.


Chemical resistant silos made with filament winding and hand lamination method.


Chemical resistant modular containers made with closed mold and hand lamination method.

Light Poles

Light weight and strong light poles made with filament winding method.

Roof Cover Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets made with continuous laminating method.

FRP Fans

Corrosion resistant FRP fan enclosures made with spray-up method.

FRP Duct Work

Corrosion and weathering resistant FRP Duct work.

FRP Foam Sandwich Panels

Water Drainage Box Gutters

Chemical Containment

Pipelines | Chemical Tanks

Chemical resistant tanks made with filament winding method.

Laboratory Equipment

Lab equipment made with chemical resistant gelcoats and resins.

Electrolyze Cups

High chemical and temperature resistant chemical process equipment made with advance chemical resistant gelcoats and resins.

Pesticide Tanks

Food Process - Olive Tanks

Architecture and Design

Furniture | City Furniture

SMC/BMC and other GRP parts for city furniture benches, public restrooms and kiosks.

Colored Applications

Various colored gelcoat applications from water park slides to commercial billboards and advertisements.

Designer - Concepts




Wall Cladding


Transport | Vehicles

Bus Parts

Large parts for coaches and buses, smooth, non wavy, high gloss surfaced SMC/BMC parts.

Train | Subway Parts

Flame retardant and low smoke composite parts. Complying the single burning item (SBI) EN 13823:2002 norms.

Coach Boards

Weight reducing, and high load capacity board systems for buses and coaches.

Lorry | Truck Panels

Large smooth, non wavy and corrosion resistant GRP panels for trucks and lorries.

Refrigerated Vehicles Tailers

High rigidity sandwich structures. With foam core inbetween two fiberglass reinforced skins for isothermal or refrigerated vehicles.

Repair Putty Car Body Filler

DCPD and hybrid resin systems for automotive body repair, body filler putties. Lightweight body filler, for use over properly prepared metal surfaces, with creme hardener.

Pickup Truck Toppers

Roof Mounted AC Units

Marine Sports | Sea Vehicles


Yachts made with vinly ester or polyester resin infusion delivering higher quality, better consistency, higher glass content, higher specific strength and higher specific stiffness.

Boats | Speed Crafts

Polijel high performance marine gelcoats deliver maximum protection against environmental attack and flawless cosmetic appearance.

Sail Boats

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping certified Polijel gelcoats delivers weathering resistance to surface yellowing and chalking, combined with excellent long term resistance to water immersion and osmotic blistering.

Jet Ski

Acrylic modified ISO-NPG gelcoats with optimal flexibility for high performance marine applications.

Fashion | Art | Apparel

Clothing Buttons

Rod and centrifugal casting applications for button manufacturing.

Jewelry | Bijouterie

Clear casting applications for floating effects. Transparent color casting.


Gloss Top Coating

Encapsulations and Embedding

Clear Casting

Industrial Tools and Applications

Hand Tools

Light weight durable hand tools. Handles made with filament winding and/or pultrusion method.

Composite Ladders

Light weight composite profile ladder made with pultrusion method.

Roof Cargo Boxes

Life Raft Canisters

Wind Deflectors