Cleaning Solvents

Cleaning solvents are for cleaning tools and brushes used in the production of GRP parts. Resin and other residuals are easily dissolved in special solvent mixtures. Cleaning solvents should not be added to resins or gelcoats because it may result pinholes or curing problems. 

Döküm Tipi Cleaning solvents are for cleaning tools and brushes used in the production of GRP parts.

Polyester Cleaner

Polyester Cleaner is a common solvent mixture for cleaning residual resin from molds and tools in composite production shops. Personal safety equipment should be used while in contact with solvents and cleaners. 

Do not use Polyester Cleaner for diluting polyester resin and gelcoats. 

Chemical Structure: Solvent mixture
Color: Transparent-clear 
Packaging: 14kg Pail, 170kg Barrel, 800kg IBC 

Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Mold Cleaner

Deposits of residual wax and resins accumulate on molds surfaces and can cause a matte appearance on mold surfaces which deteriorates surface quality. Mold Cleaner is a special mixture containing 5 different solvents. It helps to clean surfaces without any negative effects on mold surface quality. 

Chemical Structure: Special solvent mixture
Color: Transparent-clear 
Packaging: 4kg Mini Canister, 15kg Pail 

Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Ethyl Acetate

A common solvent with minimal odor, low toxicity and low cost. 

Chemical Structure: Ethyl Acetate
Color: Transparent-clear 
CAS No: 141-78-6 
Density: 0,902 gr/cm³ 
Refractive Index: 1,372 
Packaging: 24kg Canister 

Kobalt Bazlı Hızlandırıcıla

Modification Description

  • FR   Filled flame retardant
  • D*   Filled (*with filler content)
  • T Thixotropic (no sagging)
  • A Cobalt preaccelerated
  • ABP Amine preaccelerated
  • UV UV Curing
  • L   UV light stabilized
  •   I Lower viscosity
  •   V Higher viscosity
  •   LSE   LSE (low styrene emission)
  •   H* Gel time customized (at room temperature) * minutes
  • H40 Optimized for summer season. Gel time (at room temperature) 40 minutes.
  • H20 Optimized for winter season. Gel time (at room temperature) 20 minutes.
  •   COLOR   White or custom color options

Gelcoat Customizations
Polijel gelcoat table descriptions and modifications.

  • Spray Application (airless preferred)
  • Brush or Roller Application
  • Color Option: White colored
  • Color Option: Light colored (pastel)
  • Color Option: PRO colored

Production Quantity Depending on Process (parts/year)
Regardless of product dimension and complexity..

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