Company Profile

  • Leading solution provider

    Poliya is a customer focused, leading supplier of specialized composite resins. We are principally engaged in research, design, development, manufacturing and integration of polymer systems. Poliya operates in the same context as its customers and is deeply involved in solving their problems as well as meeting their demands and expectations. Since 1983, Poliya has been providing and sharing all the advantages of composites with its clients and has significantly contributed to the polymer industry.

    In every part of life

    Poliya’s core business areas are composite applications for the transportation and construction industries; marine vehicles, electronics, pipe and tank industries and defense applications. For these sectors, we are a leading developer and producer of the highest quality in unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, pigment pastes, solid surface chips, adhesive systems, mold release agents, high performance gelcoats and auxiliary materials.

  • At the forefront of innovation

    Poliya leads the way in showing customers new systems-based possibilities and opportunities.

    Our engineers, scientists and technical support teams are dedicated to discovering new innovations and solutions above and beyond current technologies.

    We offer our customers a complete range of products within the polyester and composite industry, assist in developing new and innovative product concepts and production systems while providing comprehensive chemical and technical know-how.

    Our product range is expanding everyday and improvements on existing materials are carried out with the same enthusiasm as our first day.

  • Recognized worldwide

    Poliya operates in 35 countries worldwide and has a strong sales network of both local and international companies we serve and collaborate with. Poliya products are distributed via the Poliya Global Network and are available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Russia and Central Asia. We support the demands of many elite companies in these regions as a corporate supplier, and are able to supply the demands of many more companies around theworld.

    Supporting our customers at every step

    Poliya promises to deliver only the best in customer service by combining international experience with its local sales teams.

    We pride ourselves on giving our customers fast and accurate answers and creating solutions through our innovative Tech Support Center. We arrange training courses for our clients, which serve as valuable networking events, as well as opportunities to find solutions and share ideas with colleagues. Additionally, our cooperation with academic institutions support our mission topromote the Poliya brand.

  • People, Planet and Profit

    We take our social and environmental impact very seriously. Poliya's ongoing success is sustained by our ability to find mutually beneficial solutions for all our stakeholders. Our customers benefit from improved products that last longer. The planet benefits from products that are more sustainable and eco friendly. These solutions will help all of us meet the three most important pillars of sustainability: prioritizing people and the planet, while still maintaining profits.

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