Poliya is delighted to announce that it is collaborating with Euroresins SAS for the distribution of Poliya products across France.

Euroresins SAS is part of the Euroresins International group which distributes unsaturated polyester resins and other composite materials across Europe. Euroresins SAS is based in Laval, France and represents a range of high quality composite manufacturers in the French market. Poliya’s manufacturing experience on a comprehensive portfolio of polyester and vinylester resins, gel coats, pigment pastes, bonding pastes and other associated products served to the market under brand names including Polipol, Polives, Poligel, Polipigment and  Politix, combined with the sales and distribution  experience of Euroresins SAS in the French market will surely make this collaboration a competitive and successful one, both parties believe. As Poliya, we are happy to start a collaboration with an experienced distribution partner like Euroresins SAS for a new and important composites market as France. We hope and wish our collaboration will be of benefit for the French composite manufacturers as well as the collaborating parties.

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