HSE&Q | Environment
Poliya is fully committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality matters.
The HSE&Q standards are the basis for our policies and the key for how we build trust between Poliya and our stakeholders.
Our Promises
Ensure that health and safety are our first priority;
Minimize harmful environmental impacts;
Base our work on openness and continuous improvement;
Develop products, services and operations with environmental safety as the forethought.
Implement this policy according to the agreed health, safety, environment and quality management system which are based on ISO or equivalent standards.
Poliya Cares for
We believe that controlling risks and protecting the environment are essential parts and proper industrial practice and must be one of our highest priorities.
Poliya integrates Environmental Protection into the design of its new products, its new plants and equipment, and its operating procedures. All companies involved with the chemical industry have a duty and responsibility to protect the environment and ecological balance.
Poliya is playing its part by treating its productions wastes and protect natural water resources.
Poliya contributes to reforestation activities and recycles its solid wastes and at the office environment Poliya family cooperates with TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) for the recycle of paper resources.
Poliya also cooperates with Schtz in order to recycle IBC (containers around Europe), and has integrated a waste water treatment plant and recycles all raw material packaging.
How we do it?
Responsible Care
Poliya integrates responsible care policies for its operations through TKSD Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association membership and indirectly connected to Cefic.
Poliya cooperates with TEMA - Turkish foundation for combating soil erosion and reforestation with recycling and reforestation activities.