HSE&Q | Safety
Poliya is fully committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality matters.
The HSE&Q standards are the basis for our policies and the key for how we build trust between Poliya and our stakeholders.
Our Promises
Ensure that health and safety are our first priority;
Minimize harmful environmental impacts;
Base our work on openness and continuous improvement;
Develop products, services and operations with environmental safety as the forethought.
Implement this policy according to the agreed health, safety, environment and quality management system which are based on ISO or equivalent standards.
Poliya Cares for
Safe manufacturing, handling, shipment, use and disposal of its products, without the creation of unacceptable risks, and will take all necessary steps in this regard.
Poliya integrates Production Safety and Environmental Protection into the design of its new products, its new plants and equipment, and all operating procedures.
Poliya has the complete range of SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and Technical Library for all of its products and the other auxiliary materials. SDS are in several languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and are available online. The Poliya SDS's conform to European Union Directives 91/155/EEC-2001/58/EC.
All Poliya's products packages have Smart Labels indicating every aspect of the product's Safety Handling and Shipment. All our products also have a unique ID tag for traceability and safety. The safety documents and SDS's are also available online for en/download.
Poliya staff always has adequate education about earth quakes, fire fighting, and emergency procedures.
Poliya formulates accident and incident plans for its plants in order to limit the effects of such accidents, and co-operates with governments to establish emergency plans for action outside of its plants and facilities.
Poliya is also integrating earth quake and fire emergency plans, teams and equipment.
Poliya has a state of art signaling systems and internal communications for hazard procedures.
How we do it?
Responsible Care
Poliya integrates responsible care policies for its operations through TKSD Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association membership and indirectly connected to Cefic.
European Agency for Safety
and Health at Work
Poliyas SDS system conforms with EEC 2001/58/EC Directives.
Poliya is a member of Kalder- Turkish National Quality Organization.
Poliya is a member of Pagev, Plastics manufacturers association.