Poliflake Sprayable Dry Flakes

Discover our Poliflake spray granite effects' innovative advantages. Poliflake dry flake filler system is a cost effective alternative to solid surface or cultured granite. It is designed to mix into a clear gelcoat and spray after a clear gelcoat layer is applied on a mold or other primary surface. It can be used to create a luxurious finish for kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, work spaces, office furniture and many other composite surfaces. 

Döküm Tipi Poliflake is the ideal material to create a luxurious finish for kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, work spaces, office furniture and any other composite surface application.

Poliflake Applications

① Apply a thin layer of Polijel P-213 as a basecoat.
② After this layer has gelled, apply 1 to 3 layers of the granite effect mixture.
③ Then use a siphon spray gun with a 6,7 to 8 mm nozzle.
④ After hardening, prepare the polyester dough and cast as a plain background layer.

Along with an easy application, Poliflakes’ benefits include outstanding coverage, extraordinary cost savings and efficiency of use. If stored properly, Poliflakes will last indefinitely so you can mix only what you need when you need it.

Note: You can add Polipigment color paste to this dough to get different granite effects. You can also add gold or silver flakes to create a variety of texture effects.

Packing Types

You can choose any package type suitable for your production system or you can get further information from our sales department regarding container options.

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  • 1 Kg
    Poliflake Bag

Modification Description

  • FR   Filled flame retardant
  • D*   Filled (*with filler content)
  • T Thixotropic (no sagging)
  • A Cobalt preaccelerated
  • ABP Amine preaccelerated
  • UV UV Curing
  • L   UV light stabilized
  •   I Lower viscosity
  •   V Higher viscosity
  •   LSE   LSE (low styrene emission)
  •   H* Gel time customized (at room temperature) * minutes
  • H40 Optimized for summer season. Gel time (at room temperature) 40 minutes.
  • H20 Optimized for winter season. Gel time (at room temperature) 20 minutes.
  •   COLOR   White or custom color options

Gelcoat Customizations
Polijel gelcoat table descriptions and modifications.

  • Spray Application (airless preferred)
  • Brush or Roller Application
  • Color Option: White colored
  • Color Option: Light colored (pastel)
  • Color Option: PRO colored

Production Quantity Depending on Process (parts/year)
Regardless of product dimension and complexity..

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