Allied Chemicals for Composites
Allied Chemicals for Composites
Total solution provider "One Stop Shopping" for Composites.
Product Technical Information
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Total solution provider
“One Stop Shopping”
for composites.
Poliya serves the demands of its customers
with over 100 polyester resin and auxiliary
materials and shares its leadership
with partners since 1983.
Poliya provides most suitable polyester and vinyl ester resins, high performance gelcoats, compatible pigment color pastes,
allied chemicals, accelerators, catalyst, solvents,
infusion equipment and auxiliary materials
simply we call it “One Stop Shopping”.
Promoters – Accelerators
Compounds used in the polyester and vinyl ester resins to speed up the curing reaction. Learn more
Hardeners – Catalysts
Catalyst allows resin to cure by starting the chemical reaction in resin with the monomer allowing cross links to form. Learn more
Fillers – Additives
Fillers are particles added to resin to enhance technical properties of the end products. Learn more
Cleaning solvents
Compounds used to clean surfaces and equipments in composite workshop. Learn more
Thinners | Monomers
Recommended and accepted thinners for polyester resins and gelcoats. Learn more
Pigment Powders
Fine pigments powders in various colors suitable for paint, ink, cellulose, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy industries. Learn more