Solid Surface
Solid Surface Chips and Granite Effects
Solid surface materials, granite surfaces and more.
Product Technical Information
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Solid Surfaces.
Discover the solid surface
possibilities with Poliflake spray
granite effects and Poligranul
colored chips.
Smooth Surfaces.

With solid surface technology you can cast solid colors or granite textured product.
Polipol Polipol 383-G resin and Poligranul combination provides a smooth surface and a solid surface structure inside and out.
Poliflake is optimized for gelcoat spray and Poligranul is optimized for casting applications.
Easy to Manufacture.

Solid surface reaches a new level of quality with advanced Poliflake spray dry filler system and High Performance Poligranul chips.
Use Poliflake with Polijel 213 advance gelcoat. Use Poligranul with Polipol 383-G solid surface resin for best results.

Casting or

No porosity and easy to clean.
Unlike any other kitchen counter top material solid surfaces are easier to maintain and resistant to stain.
Granite Effects
Discover our new Poliflake spray granite,effects' innovative advantages.
Poliflake dry flake filler system is a cost effective alternative to solid surface or cultured granite. It is designed to be either mixed into a clear gelcoat and sprayed, lay behind a clear gelcoat or be applied against a mold or other primary surface. It can be used to create a luxurious finish for kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, work spaces, office furniture and any other composite surface application.
Along with an easy application, Poliflakes’ benefits include outstanding coverage, extraordinary cost savings and efficiency of use. If stored properly, Poliflakes will last indefinitely so you can mix only what you need when you need it.
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The colors listed above are only for preview purpose and should not be used as a guide. The true colors of Poliflakes can only be seen when they are wet with gelcoat.
Solid Surface Chips
Poligranul are high performance unsaturated polyester based colored particles which have a granite like appearance.
Poligranul is available in 13 different colors and different mesh size particles. Poligranul is used with Polipol 383-G for solid surface casting or it can be used with Polijel P-213 spray gelcoat for artificial marble/granite applications.
Poligranul Solid Colors
The colors listed above are only for preview purpose and should not be used as a guide. The true colors of Poligranul can only be seen when they are wet with gelcoat or resin.
Poliflake and Poligranul Package Types
You can choose any package type for your production system and can get more information from our sales department about the different containers.

Poliflake 1 kg
10 x 1 kg box

Poligranul 5 kg
Grabond Solid Surface Adhesives
Discover the solid surface bonding with
Grabond cartridge system.
Grabond is a acrylic based surfacing adhesive designed for solid surface fabricators. Grabond has 12 main colors compatible with major solid surface manufacturers.