Polijel Gelcoats
Polijel Gelcoat Series
Industrial, high advance Gelcoats for composites.
Product Technical Information
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Technology, Beauty
and unbeatable
Poliya manufactures
more than 30
different Gelcoats
in 11 groups for
and applications.
Gelcoat is the most vital component in the composite product.
It serves as a shield on the surface, protecting the composite from harsh chemicals, weathering and abrasion. Also it is the visible surface of any given product or part. Because of these important roles, selection of the appropriate type of gelcoat and application is essential.
Special resins and additives designed and built exclusively for Polijel.
Poliya develops and manufactures specific polyester resins and color pastes only for the Polijel gelcoat range.This is why, Polijel's quality and performance is impressive.
The high technology formula gives — maximum gloss, durability and optimum flexibility— to Polijel High Performance series and makes it one of the best gelcoat series in the world.
Polijel designers and Poliya resin engineers work together— through every stage of gel coat development— It’s a partnership that makes innovation possible. And it’s exactly how the new Polijel was created. With its breakthrough resin technology, industry-first features, and environmentally safer design, it’s a revolution in the way gelcoats are made.
A different Polijel for every application.
Polijel gelcoat series are used in many applications. Boats, yachts, kitchen countertops, water slides (water parks), sanitary, anti bacterial applications, automotive, rail vehicles, transport, military and defense, aerodynamic spoilers, truck side panels, roof covering, recycling container, bus panels, GRP furniture, aeronautical and more.
Unlimited color options for gelcoats.
Most of Polijel gelcoats are white or colored, and used in many composite applications. Also clear gelcoats are available and used mainly for the marine and cultured marble industries.
Clear Clear
White White
Black Black
Color Color
General Purpose Gelcoats
Economical Gelcoats for general industrial applications.
Sanding | Paint Finish

Gelcoat for paint finish parts and suitable for paint drying oven cycle.
Advance Gelcoats
Optimized for chemical, mechanical and weathering resistance with visual performance.
High Performance Gelcoats
ISO/NPG/Acrylic based gelcoats with high performance for chemical, mechanical and atmospheric resistance.
High Performance Marine

ISO/NPG/Acrylic based gelcoats with high performance for marine conditions and weathering resistance.
Anti Bacterial Option for Gelcoats
If Anti-Bacterial properties are required most of the Polijel™ gelcoats have Anti-Bacterial protection option.
Flame Retardant Gelcoats
Gelcoats for the places where there is a risk of spark - fire.
Tooling Gelcoats
Impact, heat and chemical resistant Gelcoats for mold building applications.
Chemical Resistant Gelcoats
Bisphenolic Gelcoats with maximum heat and chemical resistance.
Gloss Topcoats
Allylic based topcoat to obtain a very gloss and smooth surface.
Custom Colored Gelcoats
Custom, RAL or Pantone colored Gelcoats.
Custom Colored Gelcoats and Pastes
Polijel Package Types
You can choose any package type suitable for your production system or you can get further information from our sales department regarding container options.

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