Polipol Polyester Resins
Polipol Polyester Resins
Structural composite resins and more.
Product Technical Information
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Polyester resins that
set the industry
Poliya manufactures more than 100 polyester resins for our clients' unique needs.
Polipol polyester resin series are used in many applications.
Building, construction, sanitation, chemical container tanks,
decorative effects,marine, pipe line, transportation,
military and defense and more.
Casting Type
Resins designed for general polyester casting applications.
Resins for Mold Production
Resins for polyester mold production
Hand Lay-Up Resins
Resins for glass reinforced hand lay-up applications.
Spray-Up Resins
Resins for glass reinforced spray-up applications including acrylic shell backing.
GRP Type Resins
Resins designed for, general purpose glass reinforced applications.
Filament Winding Resins
Resins for filament winding, pipe manufacturing process.
Continuous Laminating Resins
Resins designed for continuous laminating process, corrugated sheets.
LSE Lower Styrene Emission Resins
GRP type resins with Lower Styrene Emissions.
Sewer Rehabilitation Resins
Resins for CIPP (Cured in place pipe) for sewer pipeline renewing rehabilitation application.
Pultrusion Resins
Resins for profile manufacturing.
Button Type
Rod casting and centrifugal casting type resins for button manufacturing.
RTM Type Resins
Polyesters for Resin Transfer Molding systems.
RTM Light Type Resins
Polyesters for Resin Transfer Molding - Light systems.
Flame Retardant Resins
Filled and non halogenated flame retardant resins.
Infusion Type Resins
Polyester resins for infusion process.
Vacuum Bagging Resins
Polyester resins for vacuum bagging process.
Vacuum Injection Resins
Polyester resins for vacuum injection process.
SMC Resins
Resins for sheet molding compound, hot press applications.
BMC Resins
Resins for bulk molding compound, hot press applications.
Isophtalic Based Resins
ISO and ISO/NPG based chemical resistant polyester resins.
Bisphenolic Based Resins
Bisphenolic based, chemical resistant resins.
Advanced Chemical and High Temperature Resistant Resins
Resins for advanced chemical resistant and high temperature resistant applications.
Clear Casting Type Resins
Resins for clear, transparent casting applications.
Translucent Type Resins
UV resistant and flame retardant translucent resins.
Plasticizing Flexible Resins
Flexibility modification resins.
Putty and Coating
Amine accelerated resins for car repair putty manufacturing.
Gloss Type Resins
Allylic based resins for gloss finish.
Solid Surface Type Resins
Chemical resistant, solid surface casting type resin.
Natural Composite Stone Breton Tech. Resins
Resins for Breton tech, natural composite stone manufacturing.